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Watch Astro @15 Live Streaming

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Astro @15 ,Channel 109
Astro@15 (Channel 109 on Astro) is Malaysia's first and only 24-hour interactive TV channel. The channel creates a platform for viewers to interact real-time with fellow viewers from Malaysia and Brunei while watching their favourite TV programs. Viewers can participate by sending a text (SMS) message to the channel and their messages will be displayed on air on the TV channel. They can also choose to add graphics to the chat experience by either attaching a photo of themselves or they can select animated emoticons provided by the channel. Users can also choose to size-up the display of their photo 'chat'.
From time to time, the channel will host famous local and international celebrities to guest 'chat' with the viewers. The viewers can interact real-time with the guest 'chatters'. This provides an opportunity and a safe environment for the viewers to exchange their views and to interact with one another as the channel operates within stringent rules and standards & practices which ensure the integrity and safety of the service. Such standards and practices prohibit the use of offensive language, promotion of hate and violence and also the avoidance of negative issues and influences.
Viewers can also participate in interactive TV games aired at selected times on the channel. These multi-player TV games allow players from different locations to compete with each other and vie for the Top player spot with their names listed on the Games Score Board. The channel provides cool mobile picture and ring-tone downloads. Watch and start 'chatting' on Astro@15 today!
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